How Much Sunscreen do I need to use?

It's important to make sure you use sunscreen correctly. 1-1/2 oz per use, depending upon your skin type, how long you are going to be out in the sun, time of day, altitude, personal history of skin issues, etc.  Most people do not use enough sunscreen. They either put it on too late (after they've been in the sun and gotten burned but can't see it yet) or they use too little.  Until recently, there has been no regulation on the UVA rays which are the cancer and aging rays. There has only been regulation on level of UVB protection, which is vit D and burning rays. So even though folks may not be getting a sunburn, they are still getting the damaging rays.  
You want to look for a broad spectrum coverage sunscreen. UVA and UVB. Only Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide provide this type of coverage. 
Be wise. Cover with broad hat and light clothing.
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