My hands in general are ripping, any suggested products for hand care?

I went indoor rock climbing for the first time and ripped my right pinky finger in 3 different spots. 1 in particular is in the bend of my finger and it is not healing very quickly. Any suggestions? My hands in general are ripping, any suggested products for hand care?

There are few things I would offer for consideration. First, your body is a perfect machine and will strive to repair itself naturally.  I urge folks to only use food grade ingredients on their skin. Just as you ingest good food to keep your body healthy, it’s important that the largest surface organ of your body, your skin, gets nourishment as well.

climbOn Products are fantastic for moisturizing on a daily basis to keep the skin supple. They contain only food grade ingredients so they are nourishing the skin at the same time helping it be stronger.  Should you have a ripped palm or a flapper or cut as you do now, you can pack the area with one of the products that will help your body heal it quicker. They are multipurpose, practical products. The Creme was created to use on more sensitive or larger areas of need such as burns, tender spots or just larger areas to cover.  The Bar is fabulous for smaller areas, ie, cuts, gashes, feet, callouses, hands (daily use). 

If you use the products a few times a day, your skin should be back as new in a short time.  Depending upon the size of your cut, I would suggest cleaning the area well, scrape off a piece of the bar and pack onto a band aid or gauze. Then cover the area. If you choose the Creme, first clean the area, then you can squirt the product directly on to the wound and then cover.  Either choice will give your skin the nourishment it needs to help heal quickly.

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