Trust Nature First

Rather than rely on man-made chemicals, we turn to natural ingredients.

Mother Nature is our biggest ally for healing, nourishment, rejuvenation, peace, and adventure. We trust the best of what Mother Earth has prepared for us, and we work hard to preserve the genius of its purity. This means choosing organic and cold-pressed ingredients whenever possible.


Take No shortcuts

If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

Other skincare brands heavily dilute with cheap water and synthetics. Not us.  We know nature keeps us balanced, so all of our products are 100% free from synthetics and cheap fillers.  Always.  

We use plant butters, fruit and vegetable oils, plant waxes, and beeswax because of the remarkable effects they have on the skin. We use essential oils for their physical and mental therapeutic value.  We also choose cold-pressed plant oils and butters, because we find they are beautiful, alive, less processed ingredients that simply work better. 


performance is everything

When you put your trust in a new product, it needs to work really, really well.

We carefully craft our ClimbOn products to perform superbly under the most difficult conditions.  It’s a difference you can easily feel.  Just ask the elite endurance athletes that swear by ClimbOn skincare products to get up and down sheer rock faces. Or ask the thousands of everyday folks that use climbOn products for routine skincare issues and dry skin. Try them for yourself, and you’ll see, too.


Seek joy in adventure

Life is wonderful, and there is so much to enjoy out in nature.

We embrace the many beauties, splendors, and wonders of the natural world. There is far too much adventure ready for us to experience than we possibly have time to soak in during our lifetimes. So let's do what we can to embrace adventure when it calls, and enjoy every high and low of the journey.


be a good steward for the earth

Our products come from the earth and return to the earth with as little impact as possible. 

We use packaging that is either fully compostable or recyclable and made from plant fibers rather than synthetic chemicals.  It’s also another reason we use pure, food-grade ingredients rather than synthetic chemicals.


From the beginning we've made products with the planet and people's best interest in mind. Get to know our story.

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our History


Polly Glasse formulates the original lotion bar.

While attending an event, Polly met some friends from Colorado who were rock climbers. One evening after climbing, they came up to her and asked: "you make all these things for others, can you make something to heal our skin?" It was that day Ivy's Body bar, which eventually turned into the ClimbOn Lotion Bar, was born. At that time (1996,) there were no other products on the market specially formulated for the ravaged skin of rock climbers.

our History


The ClimbOn brand is officially created.

In 2001 Polly incorporated Climb On Products, Inc. She began formulating other all-natural skincare products, including the Lotion Creme and the Lip Tubes.

our History


Tommy Caldwell begins to use ClimbOn

Professional Rock Climber Tommy Caldwell began using ClimbOn products, specifically the Original Lotion Bar.

our History


REI here we come!

REI begins selling ClimbOn Lotion Bars and products throughout the U.S.

our History


We moved to Texas

ClimbOn opened our operations headquarters in Texas, along with a small retail store.

our History


Tommy Caldwell's First Free Ascent of El Capitan

Pro rock climber Tommy Caldwell completes the first free climbing ascent of El Capitan’s Dawn Wall while using the ClimbOn Ridiculous Paste and Lotion Bar to recover his fingures during the historic climb.

our History


ClimbOn joins forces with Black Diamond

ClimbOn is brought into the family along with Black Diamond Equipment, to extend our reach into the outdoor industry.


our mission

When you care, you do things differently...

ClimbOn's mission is to transform everyday skincare habits to rely on the purity, performance, safety, and sustainability of plants over synthetics.

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