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Q. Occasionally my climbOn Crème seems to have small balls that melt upon contact with my skin. What are these?

A. climbOn Creme is free from synthetic emulsifiers so occasionally the shea butter will "re-crystalize" especially in extreme temperature changes. This is totally normal. Just rub in the crème as directed and the balls will melt away, unlocking the beautiful properties of the shea.

Q. climbOn looks like a bar of soap, am I supposed to wash it off after using it?

A. No. climbOn is a skin repair and moisturizing product just like our climbOn Crème. It is to be applied by either rubbing it on the affected area, or by scraping some off and packing it into the affected area like a second skin. Leaving it on will allow the product to be absorbed by your skin and begin helping the skin from the inside while offering protection from the outside.

Q. You put 100% Pure on your label. What does that mean?

A. We say 100% Pure because our products are free from fillers, additives and highly questionable & processed "natural" ingredients such as methyl- and propyl- parabens. While the term "pure" has no legal industry definition, we define "pure" as meaning that every ingredient in each of our products is known for its healing properties or has a direct role in the function of that item. For example, our washes contain Castile soap (for cleansing action), distilled water (to make the perfect sudsing consistency), Organic aloe vera gel (skin repair) and our therapeutic grade essential Oils which will stimulate, moisturize and promote cell regeneration. And with our 100% Pure products you can be sure that we don't include any "natural" ingredients like petroleum, boric acid or mineral oil which often cause the very symptoms they claim to heal.

Q. If a product says "not tested on animals" it is considered vegan?

A. For a product to be vegan, it would not contain any animal products or by products, such as Emu oil (expressed from the muscle of the Emu bird), beeswax or dairy. But be very wary of a product that says, "not tested on animals". This is misleading. Scientists pretty much test all chemicals in use for cosmetics and food on mice, chinchilla, rabbits and other small mammals. Common fillers such as the parabens, cetyl alcohol, etc. have been tested on animals and continue to be researched in this way. When a company buys its base ingredients from an outside source and then adds their own botanical blend, they can state on their label that they did not test their product on animals. BUT as you can deduct, the outside source's base does have ingredients that are routinely tested on animals.

Q. What is the difference between climbOn & other salves and balms?

A. Every ingredient in climbOn is made to repair, renew, moisturize, kill bacteria, take away pain. Our powerful recipe makes our product more effective than anything else on the market. Test it yourself.

Q. I have a 2 year old. Is climbOn safe to use on her scrapes?

A. Yes! climbOn is 100% Pure-safe and effective for children and even animals.

Q. Do I need to be a rock climber or an athlete to use climbOn?

A. Absolutely not. Anyone with skin can be a climbOn user.

Q. I've had a climbOn Bar for about a year. Is it still good?

A. It's possible! We guarantee our product for up to one year, but it may last much longer than that. If it smells good it is good. We manufacture in small batches to ensure freshness for all of our customers.

Q. I left my bar in the car and it completely melted. Is that OK?

A. When essential oils get really hot, they begin activating and losing their potency. But it doesn't mean the product is bad. Like with any valuable item, it's best to keep Climb On!® out of extreme temperatures unnecessarily-save that for your trips to summit or sea! If your bar is no longer a bar, just use it like a salve. No problem!

Q. What items do you sell that contain no Gluten?

A. Check out our website. Most products with exception of climbOn line have no wheatgerm oil or contain any gluten. This includes our SKINourish SPA line, Face Serum, Face and Body Tonic, Face wash, Under Eye Seyum, Bath Salts.

Here is some helpful research from the Mayo Clinic about Gluten in Skin Care Products.

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