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Happy Spring everyone!

Each season we experience changes in weather, pollinating insects, heat, cold, water, etc. I'm moved to write this blog because we just received a new shipment of pure, yellow beeswax. It has a warm, honey smell. This time the color is dark yellow.  (and that's just ONE of the ingredient we use)


comparison of two beeswax shipments that vary in color because of season and pollinationWhen synthetic ingredients are used (this includes the "naturally derived ones") there is no change to them. They also use "masking agents" to cover any rancidity in the products. Everything begins to degrade, no matter how synthetic it is. However, when food grade ingredients are used (such as all ingredients used climbOn, SKINourishment, and crossFIXE, etc ), there is a variety of changes that occur on a consistent basis. Since we use only food grade ingredients, they are never bleached, deodorized, colored, masked, etc. There is usually a slight change in consistency, smell, color, etc. It's very profound to experience these changes of Mother Nature. It also necessitates slight alterations in ingredient ratios in our formulas with every season change.


You won't find food grade ingredients in many products simply because it's not cost effective to have them & they require constant monitoring.

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