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Roisin Fitzpatrick

Professional Rock Climber
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I’m a 15 year old climber from the UK training and climbing every day to improve my indoor and outdoor climbing.

climbOn have been so supportive over the years and have got me through my climbing journey so far. I think my hands would’ve suffered so much more if I hadn’t found climbOn. I also love and appreciate how eco-friendly and ethical climbOn products are, as that is something I always consider when using a company’s products.

How do you use climbOn? What's your routine?
Before bed I make sure my hands are all clean and then I use either the Original Bar, Adventure Bar, Creme Lite, or the Creme if my hands have worse rips. If I have any cuts on my hands or anything, I make sure I pack it with climbOn. If my muscles are sore I use the Ridiculous Spray and then I use the lip tube on my lips.

What are you everyday uses for climbOn?
I use climbOn to moisturize my lips and hands daily. I use Suncream on a hot day.

Fun Fact:

  1. I’ve been climbing since the age of 5 and have competed nationally for the past 4 years. I love climbing outdoors and would love to pursue that passion more as I get older,. Because I love to travel, the idea of traveling and climbing just really appeals to me.

What's your favorite climbOn product?
climbOn Original Bar and Original Bar Refill. I just love the regular climbOn. I love the texture and everything it does for my hands. I also love the Lip Tube. it keeps my lips from getting chapped and dry from the chalk after a long day of climbing.