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Beth Rodden

Professional Rock Climber
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Beth started climbing at her local climbing gym when she was 14 years old. She was part of the first generation of kid climbers that came onto the scene thanks to climbing gyms in the early 90's. She quickly started competing and rose to the top of national and international competitions. At the end of high school she wanted to take her pursuits outdoors and started pushing the limits free climbing on El Cap and establishing first ascents both in sport climbing and traditional climbing. After nearly a decade of pushing herself physically, she decided to embark on another adventure of motherhood. There were hardly any other female professional climbers that continued their careers, but she knew she wanted to do both. She has been a vocal advocate for women and mothers in the athletics and for body image acceptance in climbing. Today she lives with her family in Yosemite. She climbs as much as she can and is working on her first book.

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How do you use climbOn?
I use climbOn several times per day. Anytime after washing my hands I slather on the Bar. After a shower I use the Ridiculous Paste on any areas that are sore or need some TLC. The Bug Drug is key for when the mosquitos are out in Yosemite in the late spring and early fall.

Favorite climbOn Products?
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