Super Heroes

Super Heroes

I woke up early this morning (2 am-YIKES) thinking about Super Heroes and why I like them so much. I came to the conclusion, they give us hope, they are invincible in tough times, they are very strong, powerful and they care about us. That list could go on and on. Enter Hurricane Harvey which hit the Texas coast last weekend. Harvey was like a Super Villain who did more damage than any storm in the history of the US. It's still causing damage after it's moved and appears as if there is more to come. 

With all the things going on in the world today, with racists, hate groups, discrimination, bombings, gold toilets when people have no food or clothing, etc. our future doesn't look too shiny.  Enter a group of women who came into our store yesterday because we were offering the survivors of Harvey free skin care products to help out.  They were so strong, loving, scared, positive and a family of friends brought together from an extremely difficult situation. I believe when challenges occur, it brings out who a person truly is.  It wasn't too long into an introduction when they all began telling me how Tracy had spent her life savings to get them all out of harms way. I spent at least an hour with them listening, giving them aromatherapy treatments, telling them how awesome they were. I felt like someone had given ME a gift. Thank you ladies for the gift of your presence yesterday. It made my week! Now that's the best of humanity! Tracy, the friend who used all her cash to help her friends, is definitely a Super Hero in my book! Let's all be Super Heroes to everyone else in our lives....every day!  We don't need catastrophic events to be the amazing humans we are!

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