A Unique Choice for Clean Hands

A Unique Choice for Clean Hands

It is a very difficult time for our world. There is so much frustration, fear, sadness, and uncertainty going on. It is important for us to keep connected. So I wanted to let you know that even though we are a small company of only six people, we still work every day to make sure every product you order is made with the same integrity of ingredients, effectiveness, and sustainability that you have always trusted in the climbOn brand.

As a small company it is often difficult to compete against larger companies since we choose to operate differently.  They choose to use cheap, synthetic ingredients that cost pennies and are highly processed and industrialized.  While they certainly cost less, the product is simply not the same.

We have been (since 1996) and will always be passionately committed to formulating and providing skincare and skin repair products that are both highly effective and reliably safe for you, your kids, your animals and our planet.  We only use what we find in nature – plants and beeswax – because we trust the purity of nature more than the chemical fabrications of a laboratory.  Our ingredients are pure, food grade, ethically and responsibly sourced, and meet the highest efficacy standards we can find.  That’s because we care about making products that perform remarkably well for your skin while avoiding harm to the environment around us.  Absolutely no synthetic ingredients are used, which makes our products unique and certainly more expensive within the skincare category.

Our most recent product releases are the climbOn Hand Spray and Hand Soap, which we created given today’s very high need for hand and skin cleaners in our homes and communities.

The new climbOn Hand Spray is made starting from a 70% base of ethyl alcohol from corn. It's food grade. We use a high amount of alcohol in our Hand Spray formula in order to help clean the skin from harmful contaminants.  Since alcohol can dry the skin, we added organic aloe vera gel and MCT oil from coconuts to leave your skin soft and moisturized. We add organic lemon oil which has aromatherapeutic properties to calm and improve your mood and help reduce anxiety. The organic clove essential oil has aromatherapeutic properties of relieving stress and helping with mental exhaustion and fatigue.  This unique combination of ingredients creates a very clean, effective, and fresh smelling Hand Spray for keeping your hands clean.  It can also be used as a great counter spray, air freshener, device cleaner, etc.

Our new climbOn Hand Soap begins with castile from organic olive oil, with organic aloe vera gel, MCT oil from coconuts along with organic peppermint oil and organic grapefruit oil.  This soap has a remarkable cleansing ability to remove all kinds of grime and filth. It's also a multi-purpose soap that can be used in the shower, shaving, hand soap, dish soap, body wash, etc. The MCT and Aloe Vera gel will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. The aromatherapeutic properties of peppermint essential oil can boost energy, clear the respiratory tract, stimulate circulation, alleviate feelings of nervous tension and stress, and soothe feelings of irritability. I know I can use that right now. The aromatherapeutic properties of grapefruit essential oil help reduce stress, stimulate circulation, increase energy, enhance mood, and improve digestion. Another good one for our current times.

If you compare our cost to the large packaged goods or pharmaceutical companies that use synthetic ingredients, our prices may seem high. Synthetics are cheap. However, if you are a current climbOn skincare user, you know what our ingredients can do for your body and our planet. If you compare our prices to another small company making premium products, we are very competitive and often priced lower than many alternatives.

Part of our mission is educating others on the use and consequences of “synthetic” vs. food grade and truly pure plant ingredients.  We believe in choice. However, in order to make the educated decision on what's good for you and your family, you need to have information. If you choose to use the cheaper synthetic ingredients and don't believe they have any impact on humans or the planet, we support your choice.  However, if you choose to spend your money on actual food grade, pure ingredients that are truly from nature and not a lab, we provide some very attractive options for you.

We are deeply grateful for all of you. Please be safe, take care of each other and your families.



Polly Glasse and the team at SKINourishment




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