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What's SKINourishment? Where's climbOn Products

October 01, 2013 1 min read

We’ve heard many of you express confusion over the name you see on your receipts and/or emails when ordering. I want to clarify for you where we are and what we are doing. SKINourishment, Inc. IS a new company name. However, it IS still me, Polly, behind the curtain. I’ve not sold climbOn to anyone else.


  • Same great, food grade products formulated from the beginning.
  • Same great customer service and mission statement from the beginning.
  • It’s even still climbOn Products that you receive.
  • KEY Difference - More brand names under one roof.

How many of you recognize our first logo? We began reflecting on all the changes over the years and thought it may be cool for you all to see where we started and where we are now.

Many of you know it as Climb On! Bar. How many knew that the original name was Ivy’s Hand and Foot Fertilizing Bar? Then it was Ivy’s Body Bar. Finally it was Climb On! Hand Bar and is currently Climb On! Lotion Bar. It was originally one of the products in my line belonging to my first company, Ivy’s Herbal Delights. I changed the name to Climb On! Products, in 2000.

Check out our evolution throughout the years.

Ivy's Herbal Delights logo 

Climb On Got Skin Logo 

Never be far from the bar logo

climb on incredible skin care logo 

I extend my gratitude to all of you for your kindness, generosity and support throughout these past 17 years, from Ivy’s Herbal Delights, to Climb On! Products, and now SKINourishment Inc.

As always, if you have any questions let us know.

Polly Glasse
and the rest of the SKINourishment Cast & Characters

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