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SKINourishment Sponsors Climb for Christian Mason

September 20, 2013 1 min read

SKINourishment provided baskets to raffle off to support the fundraising efforts of injured climber Christian Mason. Christian has a scary story and it's great to see how the rock climbing community came together to support his recovery efforts.

Christian Mason was rock climbing in Colorado on August 16th when he was hit by rockfall resulting in a 50-60 foot fall. He sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured C2, a crushed T6 & T7, a fractured scapula and left skull, broken ribs, and a punctured lung.

Team SKINourishment Athletes Jonathan Siegrist and Tommy Caldwell were route setting nearby and assisted in the rescue of Christan.

Christian has undergone surgery to fuse his spine from T3 – T9 and has a chest tube. While he was extremely lucky to survive this incident without brain damage and paralysis, Christian has a very long recovery ahead of him, with the possibility of additional surgeries as well as extensive physical therapy.His estimated medical expenses exceed $400,000.

Christian is a Pittsburgh native and attended the University of Pittsburgh. He recently purchased his first home and is the main source of income for his family.Unfortunately, he has no medical insurance.



You can donate online at a fundraiser page setup through a friend.

Print a poster to hang at your business here!

Find our more about the fundraiser at The Climbing Wall's website.

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