Busted Knuckles

I have used climb on before on my palms after climbing and tonight after climbing I busted up a few knuckles and put on the tops of my hand. My hand is now red and burning!  I’ve used it on elbows heels etc. why would it irritate only the tops of my hands? Should i stop using it?

Without seeing your knuckle, I would ask if what you mean by “busting up” meant there was open skin? If yes, climbOn Bar and Creme contain antibacterial and antiseptic properties. This would mean the product was “cleaning out” the bacteria, etc on the area. In my experience with a wound, sometimes this happens.  It usually calms after a short period of time. Then you begin to see the skin repair.The products are packed with food grade, powerful, nutritional ingredients for your skin. This is one of the reasons your skin appears to heal so rapidly with this product.If it is used as a moisturizer, it doesn’t usually sting. There are no common allergens in the products


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