Cross Training Hand Care

Cross Training Hand Care

Kettle Bell Hands

Let us get real for a moment; lifting and gymnastics are hardcore. As with any heavy duty workout; it will take awhile for the hands to toughen. Therefore, in the meantime you might experience torn or flayed skin. Also, even seasoned Cross Trainers might on a rare occasion end up with bloodied hands because of the intensity of the workout, et cetera. However, have no fear because the solution is quite simple.

The ideal hands for the high-intensity Cross Training are callused hands. Calluses are gained from repetitive use of handlebars, et cetera. Once calluses are built-up then they will need to be kept filed and shaved at all times to ensure that the palms of your hands have a uniformed thick surface. There are several additional hand care tips that will protect you as you workout. The following are a few to consider:

  • Use the correct gripping and pulling techniques at all times.
  • Chalk your hands before exercising and whenever friction is lessened.
  • Wash any area with flayed or torn skin right away; there is no need to remove the torn skin. Dry the area and apply crossFIXE HANDS. Afterwards, cover the treated area with a cloth bandage.
  • Wear specifically engineered Cross Training gloves only after your hands have been injured so that you can continue with your training. Gloves for daily training are not recommended so as to get your hands fully used to the weights and weight perspective relative to your body.
  • Keep your hands moisturized after washing. Use good quality moisturizer that keeps your hands feeling nice and soft for an extended period. We suggest climbOn Creme or again back to trusty crossFIXE HANDS. 


crossFIXE HANDS works fast!

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