To use Petroleum Jelly, Menthol or Camphor....or not....?

There are tons of "hand repair" products coming out on the market. How do YOU decide which you use.

There are many ingredients from which to choose when creating a moisturizer/skin repair product. We suggest you use truly natural ingredients that actually add something beneficial to the formulation. Beeswax, unrefined, slightly filtered, NOT bleached and processed, adds minerals to the formulation. It's a humectant (draws moisture to the skin). It acts as a barrier from the outside world so it's water resistant. Add natural, unrefined butters such as shea, aloe, mango, coconut, etc for their nutritional value. Use only therapeutic grade essential oils for their healing value. If it's not organic, therapeutic grade, it can easily be adulterated. Did you know only 5% of a product calling itself an essential oil actually has to be an essential oil in order for it to be called "100% pure essential oil?" As an example, you can have a 2 oz bottle of Eucalyptus essential oil according to the label. However, if the label doesn't say therapeutic grade or organic, it can contain a base oil, additives to make it go further and many other things. Organic extracts can be helpful as well. Just be sure to check the quality of product before purchasing. 

We've heard of many folks adding Menthol and Camphor to their products for the cooling sensation. We choose to NOT use Camphor or Methol in our products.

Menthol is found naturally occurring in mint oils such as peppermint, etc. When you see the word Menthol or one of the synomyns below this is not the naturally occurring Menthol found in Peppermint or mint oils but a synthetically manufactured form. This form is banned in the EU. It is prohibited in use for women that are pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant or breast feeding. If swallowed direct, it can be fatal. We intentionally choose ingredients that are safe for our children, adults, pets and the environment.


Camphor- Restricted in cosmetics (recommendations or requirements) - use, concentration, or manufacturing restrictions - Use is restricted in Canadian cosmetics

Canada - Prohibited and Restricted Cosmetics Ingredients


Around our offices and the world, you will hear us say first and foremost, "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin." ™ Everything we create is made from ingredients you can recognize, ingredients safe for children, animals and the planet. It's made by athletes, moms, sons, boyfriends, sisters, husbands, fathers, etc. We've been around since 1996 using only real ingredients for our products. 

You work hard for your money. You deserve the best. Make sure that's what you accept in everything whether you spend $1 on it or lots of it!



Here's an article in Huffington Post about the origins of Petroleum Jelly.


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