Is your moisturizer, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste tested on animals before you get it?

It's a crazy world out there. The cosmetics industry is a 31+ billion dollar industry. While I like to take a shower and smell good, the industry aggressively targets our ego to convince us we aren't good enough if we have a wrinkle, dark spot on our body, a hair out of place, etc. I ask, "At what cost?" The link below is from a Huffington Post article telling how the EU (European Union) has banned even ingredients tested on animals, as well as the anticipated effect on the multibillion dollar cosmetic industry in the US and world wide. 

Let's talk about animal testing. ANY synthetic ingredient IS tested on animals. It doesn't matter that your product has the words "not tested on animals." It simply means they purchased their synthetic ingredients from someone else. Therefore, they don't have to claim it was tested on an animal. Most people don't make their own menthol crystals, petroleum, propylparaben, propylene glycol, Phenoxyethanol, etc. These things are produced in labs, tested on animals until they cause death, tumors, etc then decreased slightly to find the "acceptable limit allowed" in the cosmetic to not cause damage to a human.

At SKINourishment and a few other pure skin care providers, we choose to use ingredients the skin recognizes as food therefore adding nutrition to the skin, helping the body, mind, spirit, not harming. We do not use any synthetics, period.

Please read your ingredients. Choose to NOT be fooled by slick marketing, sexy men or women telling you you can look like them if you use this product, celebrities saying you are worth it so use their sponsored product. Choose for yourself. I know most of us care about animals and the environment. This is one way we can really make an impact. If the cosmetics industry sees the money going to those who honestly supply food grade and truly natural cosmetics rather than the pseudo natural ones and flat out synthetic ones, they too will follow. It's up to us.

As a side note, climbOnproducts and now SKINourishment products have been approved since 2004 in the EU.

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Thank you!! Finding “legit” cruelty-free products is extremely important to me! I’ve been using ClimbOn products for 7 years and this kind of commitment to providing natural, wholesome and compassionate products is AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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