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Lifting and cross training takes an obvious toll on your muscles, but your skin is another crucial tool for success in the gym.  Crucial areas of the skin require maintenance and vigilance to avoid dryness, chafing, blisters, other damage.  Bundle and save 20% when you choose this skincare kit, which includes some of our best products for lifters and cross trainers:

climbOn® Lotion Bar Original 0.5oz Tube
This easy-to-carry lotion bar in a compostable tube is ideal for applying to chafed, sore, or damaged hands that need moisturization and nutritious skin replenishment.  It fits easily into your pocket and can be easily carried into the gym.

climbOn® Crème Lite
When you have bars sliding through your grip (e.g. power cleans, kettle bell), this fast-absorbing, 100% plant creme will help prepare your hands for all of the friction.  It is also an ideal creme rub to maintain strong, supple skin.

climbOn® RIDICULOUS! Paste
Rub this 100% plant paste into your skin pre-workout to stimulate your body and prepare it for a workout.  Then rub it in after your workout as a massage cream or to relieve tension and discomfort in your arms and legs.

climbOn® RIDICULOUS! Soak
A particularly heavy lifting day might require a relaxing bath to soothe those muscles.  This bath soak is an ideal companion that you can rub into areas of tension or discomfort and then throw into your bath to help soothe and kickstart your recovery.

climbOn® RIDICULOUS! Lotion Bar (New!)
Our new RIDICULOUS! lotion bar is a real treat for the skin on your hands after a heavy lifting day in the gym.  Liberally rub this lotion bar on your hands after a workout.  You can also use it to generously rub on other skin areas (legs, arms) that need soothing relief.

climbOn® Hand Spray
Cross training exposes your skin to a lot of equipment.  Keep those hands clean with this 100% plant Hand Spray made of 70% alcohol, aloe vera, MCT oil, and plant essential oils (lemon and clove).