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Eco Skincare Kit

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Can you fathom how many synthetic plastic bottles are made each year for skincare products?  We wanted to change that by moving our products more toward compostable and biodegradable paper tubes.  These tubes still make it easy to push up the product from the bottom and use - they are simply easier to return to nature when you're done.  Try throwing them in your compost bin.  Even the product inside is compostable and biodegradable since we don't use any synthetic ingredients.  Bundle and save when you choose this skincare kit, which is one of the most popular skincare bundles we sell:

ClimbOn® Lotion Bar Cedar 2.0oz Tube
Just push up the lotion bar in this compostable paper tube and apply to the skin for moisturization and soothing relief.

ClimbOn® Lotion Bar Original 0.5oz Tube
This size is easy to carry around in your pocket, purse, or pack for quick-access skin nourishment and relief.

ClimbOn® RIDICULOUS! Lotion Bar
This lotion bar in a compostable tube will both nourish abused skin while also soothing discomfort and tension.  Perfect to apply after a long workout or day on your feet and then massage.

ClimbOn® Lip Tube Peppermint 0.3oz
Freshen your lips with revitalizing peppermint and long-lasting moisturization from a compostable paper tube.

ClimbOn® Lip Tube Orange 0.3oz
Another variety of our popular lip balm using orange essential oils.

ClimbOn® Lip Tube Vanilla 0.3oz
Another variety of our popular lip balm using vanilla.