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Tim Mueller

Professional Adventure Athlete
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I’m a professional adventure athlete based in Switzerland. Having spent over a decade of living in the UK, Form high school to gaining a BSc in Product Design. This time in the UK has allowed me to build my portfolio, and hone in on my craft multi-disciplinary climbing and adventure sports. Over the last few years I have had the great opportunity to work all over the world in design and product development from Switzerland to Wales, USA to China.

I have been using climbOn for many many years, well before I started working with them. They not only make the best skin care products out there, that will cater to everyone in need of skin rehab, but the humans behind the brand are brilliant. They aren’t just people running a brand, this is a family working together for the greater good of the outdoor community. Just take a look in your bathroom and think how many of these products you can actually eat and know you’ll be ok? With climbOn, I know you’ll be ok, as it is all 100% food grade!

How do you use climbOn? What's your routine?
I use the paste and the spray after training sessions and big days out in the mountains to help with my recovery. I have found it extremely useful to rub a thick layer in on my face to help protect it from harsh winter conditions while ice climbing in Scotland and Wales. Otherwise after most climbing and training sessionsThe climbOn bar has been my essential go-to for many years to help soothe calluses and heal my fingertips. 

What are you everyday uses for climbOn?
Outside of sports, I use climbOn Crème on my legs during the winter months as my skin dries out super fast. The climbOn Bar is a great emergency cooking oil replacement.

Fun Fact:

  1. My go to for this is that I played Laser Tag professionally around the country for several years.

What's your favorite climbOn product?
climbOn Original BarclimbOn Crème, climbOn Ridiculous! Paste, climbOn Ridiculous! Spray