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Jonathan Siegrist

Sport Climber
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Jonathan is a rock climber, route developer, mountain biker, traveler and overall highly stoked individual. Known mostly for his sport climbing, he is also a passionate trad climber and wall climber, with a pocket addiction to single track. After seven years of living in a pick up truck on the road, Jonathan has settled in Las Vegas, NV - however he still spends half of the year traveling domestically and internationally in pursuit of adventure and the next challenge.

The climbOn Original Bar has been an essential piece of equipment for me for a decade. It has helped me heal my body literally thousands of times. I never go to the crag without it!

How do you use climbOn? What's your routine?
I use climbOn every single night before bed to hydrate and nourish my hands (sometimes throughout the day nearly every hour when I am healing my skin for a project!). I also use it often to heal random cuts and wounds anywhere.

What are you everyday uses for climbOn?
I use the climbOn Bar all of the time to help my two dogs heal their paws, it works so well and I am never worried if they happen to lick it off - it’s non toxic. 

Fun Fact:

  1. Over the years I have gotten pretty enthusiastic about building and woodworking! I am not a pro by any means but I love the creativity involved. Honestly I have used climbOn to heal a bunch of wounds from this new obsession too… I am still learning!

What's your favorite climbOn product?
My favorite climbON product is, and has always been, the Original Bar!