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John Myrick

Father, Climber, Coach, Ex-Coffee Roaster, and Builder of Towers

John began climbing in the mountains of New Mexico in 1980. Since then he has traveled the world climbing, coaching, and adventuring. Over the span of his climbing and coaching career john has achieved many noteworthy ascents, first ascents, and coaching milestones but one his favorite achievements so far has been the creation of the Collegiate Climbing Series for USA Climbing, essentially creating climbing as a college sport for the nation in 2009. John has also made it a priority to give back to the climbing community in many other volunteer facets, engaging in all sorts of advocacy and stewardship efforts more than three decades. John was our Team Captain for the past four years and has been a member of the climbOn Team for a very long time! John retired from coaching and has ventured into a new career building meteorological towers on wind farms (still very much climbing related). John still rock climbs regularly, he also loves running, mountain biking, fly fishing, and pretty much anything outdoor sports related.

I truly believe in the quality and wholesomeness of climbOn products they have and continue to help keep my skin healthy.  We use climbOn products on our kids as well.  I don’t really trust putting anything else on them.  I feel like the ingredients in all of the products are far superior to anything else out there and the proof is in the pudding. They all work way better than anything else out there. Plus their commitment to being earth friendly strikes a chord with me as well.  Good products, good ingredients, and great people, that’s why I love it and remain a loyal fan of climbOn. Thanks for helping my skin all these years, I appreciate it!

How do you use climbOn? What's your routine?
Whether I’m on an extended climbing trip or on the job building/climbing towers, my hands/skin health is extremely important so to maximize healing benefits from using climbOn, I wash my hands really well right before bed, apply climbOn liberally all over my hands, paying extra care to pack it into flappers, cracks, wrecked cuticles, cuts, and or scrapes. Then, many times I will wear fresh clean cotton socks over my hands so that it doesn’t rub off at night, thereby allowing it to soak into my skin. I have excellent results and noticeable healing overnight with this method. It really works and keeps me able to work/climb day in and day out.

What are you everyday uses for climbOn?
I use climbOn Creme on my face at night a couple times a week as a moisturizing “mask.” It feels and smells invigorating.

Fun Fact:

  1. John was in a Break Dancing crew as a kid in Albuquerque, where he grew up, called the “Little Majestic Floor Warriors”!

What's your favorite climbOn product?
climbOn Original Bar