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Heather Weidner

Professional Rock Climber
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Heather Weidner is a veterinarian turned full-time rock climber originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. She loves pushing her limits in sport and traditional climbing. When she’s not climbing she enjoys reading, hiking with her pup, yoga, and vegetarian cooking. Heather lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband Chris and dog Charley.

I’ve been an athlete supporting ClimbOn (and them supporting me!) for nearly ten years now, and Polly is one of the kindest, most generous people I’ve ever worked with. It feels great to support a woman-operated company that truly cares about health, product integrity, and the environment.

How do you use climbOn? What's your routine?
Every night before I go to bed after climbing or training, I apply the bar to my fingertips and hands. If I’ve lost quite a bit of skin that day I’ll apply again after about an hour. If I have splits in the tips of my fingers, I take a small chunk out of the bar and squish it into the wound. For winter days, or if my skin is particularly dry, I’ll add some climbOn Creme all over.

What are you everyday uses for climbOn?
I use climbOn Creme on my face at night a couple times a week as a moisturizing “mask.” It feels and smells invigorating.

Fun Fact:

  1. Before my rock climbing passion I was obsessed with horses and rode and competed growing up in Las Vegas. My love for horses sparked my interest in veterinary medicine, although I eventually became a small animal general practitioner instead of working with large animals.

What's your favorite climbOn product?
My favorite climbOn product is the Original climbOn Bar for daily use and to help maintain calluses, important for climbing. A close second favorite is the climbOn Crème for deep moisturizing which is so important for our dry Colorado conditions.