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Cesar Valencia

Rock Climbing Enthusiast & Digital Content Creator
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Cesar is a Miami, Florida transplant, grabbing the climbing bug in the local gym. After many years of traveling to World Class Bouldering Areas, he and his girlfriend, Naomi, moved to Boulder Colorado in 2012 and never looked back. Cesar loves to shoot photo’s, create videos, and climb as many boulders as possible. He spends his summer climbing in the beautiful alpine bouldering areas that Colorado has to offer such as Rocky Mountain National Park and Mt. Evans. Winters are spent traveling the United States following the best climbing conditions. Cesar and his girlfriend are full time van lifers and own their own business called Beyond The Literal. Cesar also creates awesome climbing content, so go check out his YouTube channel for all your beta needs and follow him on Instagram!

I’ve been using climbOn products for over 10 years now. It has been a staple in my climbing career. Over the years their products have stayed consistent and have only improved. Some of my personal favorites are the climbOn Crème, climbOn Bar and climbOn Lip balm. These three products go with me every where I go. I would never go on a climbing trip without them. Actually, I don’t go anywhere without them. One of those three items is always in my pocket. I love me some climbOn!

How do you use climbOn?
I will typically apply the climbOn Crème first and then add the climbOn Bar to my fingertips. This is my go-to combination daily when I’m getting a lot of climbing volume in. It keeps my skin feeling fresh and allows me to climb more days in a row.

What are you everyday uses for climbOn?
Outside of sports, I use the climbOn Crème daily on my face as a general moisturizer. It keeps me looking fresh! I also use the Skinourishment face wash daily. I use the face wash as shaving cream as well. It is an amazing natural shaving cream. 

Fun Fact:

  1. My girlfriend and I own our own business called Beyond The Literal. She is a makeup artist and is teaching people makeup virtually over Zoom, Skype or Face Time. I create all the digital content for all of the social media platforms as well as run the marketing and advertising.

What's your favorite climbOn product?
My absolute favorite climbOn product is actually a combination of 2. The climbOn Bar and the climbOn Crème. 
Try it out!