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Carolina Maragano

Entrepreneur and Rock Climbing Enthusiast
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Hi guys! My name is Carolina but everyone calls me Pichi, which means little in Mapudungun. Im 35, I'm from Chile, South America and I'm owned by a big white fluffy cat called Viernes (Friday in Spanish). I started climbing 5 years ago and instantly became very much in love/ obsessed with it. I bet most of you did too! Climbing is what I want in my life forever. I'm thankful for discovering this amazing lifestyle that has shown me who I really am, what I'm capable of and has given me an amazing family. I own a small business call @PichiBags. I sew climbing chalk bags and some other accessories out of up-cyclying fabric scraps and old climbing ropes which I collect from gyms, climbers, workshops, tailors, designers, etc.

I got my very first climbOn product on my 30th birthday as a gift from a couple of friends. I opened it and instantly fell for the smell, then for it's texture, and once I really got to use it on my red hands after climbing, I fell in love completely! I read Polly's incredible story and could really relate to her. I'm super thankful to be a part of this team. I may not climb super hard (but I do climb real pretty haha), but I am highly motivated and an rock climbing enthusiast. I'm also a proud supporter of these amazing and natural products.

How do you use climbOn?
I have 2 climbOn Original bars, so I carry one in my regular bag and the other one in my climbing gear so I never forget it at home and always use it after climbing.

What's your routine?
I first wash my hands with some water to remove the chalk and then apply climbOn massaging the fingers. Then I lend it to my friends! I do add hand soap to the routine before passing it on to them  :D. I also use it a lot for my lips and for superficial wounds.

Everyday uses for climbOn?
I use it around my nails. I sew a lot and that part of my fingers tends to get irritated and very dry. climbOn helps my skin recover real fast.

Favorite climbOn Products?
climbOn Original Bar for sure! I just cant get enough of it.