100 Uses of the climbOn Lotion Bar

climbOn Lotion BarsLotion.  It's better in a bar.  Here are a few of the many reasons why we are passionate about the climbOn Lotion Bar as an ideal skin health tool.  After all, the skin is the largest organ in the body and absolutely crucial for virtually any daily activity or athletic routine.  Not only does the climbOn Lotion Bar work incredibly well - it can be used in a vast number of situations.  Below are just a few.  Can your lotion do this?


  1. Dry hands – The lotion bar is perfect for rubbing on the hands when they feel dry or after washing your hands for deep moisturization and skin nourishment.
  2. Cracked skin - If you spend a lot of time around rocks, dirt, water, or children, you might experience unwanted cracks and grooves forming in your skin.  The climbOn lotion bar is ideal for packing into those cracks to preserve a moist environment conducive to skin rejuvenation.
  3. After a shower – Applying a clean-ingredient, undiluted lotion to the skin after taking a shower is a great way to help protect it after you’ve stripped the skin clean.  Rub on the climbOn lotion bar all over areas where you tend to experience dry, uncomfortable, or cracked skin.  It just might transform the refreshing way you can feel after a shower.
  4. Bug bites - Try rubbing the climbOn lotion bar on your skin where you are bitten or stung to soothe and nourish the skin with nutritious skin fuel.
  5. Dry lips - While we like to use our Lip Tube for lips, if you don't have it on you and need some relief, just use the climbOn lotion bar instead.
    climbOn Lotion Bar Tube Original 2oz
  6. Cracked heels - We spend a lot of time on our feet, so feet and heels take quite a bit of abuse.  If the skin on your feet and heels needs some help, try generously rubbing the lotion bar on them, especially before bed and after taking a shower.  We think you'll be pretty amazed at what happens both short-term and long-term.
  7. Climber's hands - The iconic rock climber's hands and fingers are torn to shreds after a day on the rock, whose small edges act like razor blades to the skin when you grab your hold and shift your body weight.  Keeping your hands dry with chalk, while helpful for grip, can make it even more susceptible to unhealthy breakdowns.  Indoor climbing isn't kind on the hands, either.  The climbOn lotion bar actually got its name by helping restore rock climbers’ hands to health as quickly as possible so that they can return to climbing as quickly as possible.  There's a reason so many elite climbers around the world rely on climbOn as one of their most important tools.  Tommy Caldwell called it his most crucial piece of equipment on the mountain.  If it works wonders for the Michael Jordan of climbing, just think of what the climbOn lotion bar can do for you, regardless of what your daily skin issues might be.
  8. Road rash – Yes, you crashed on your bike.  All the famous racers do it, too, so don’t worry.  What you might want to direct your attention to is that ugly spot where you scraped the road and might have taken some with you.  The skin in that area is going to need some gentle treatment.  First, clean it.  Then try the climbOn lotion bar to help replenish and nourish the skin back to its healthy old self.  Works great for baseball raspberries, too, which are all-too-frequent among sliding baserunners.
  9. Cuticles – Frayed, dry, or irritated cuticles are no fun.  Try packing in some lotion bar for soothing relief and skin nourishment.
  10. Burns - When you have a first-degree burn on your skin from the stove or another simple accident, you need to help your skin.  Replenish the nutrients on your skin and help give your skin health a boost with raw beeswax and food-grade plant oils by rubbing the lotion bar on and around the ailing area.
    climbOn Lotion Bar
  11. Dry nose - When your nose is runny and you end up wiping it frequently, it can feel raw and irritated.  When the nose is dry or sensitive, try rubbing on the lotion bar to lend the skin a hand.
  12. Cracked lips - Overly chapped lips can crack if you don't take care of them right.  Try packing the climbOn lotion bar into those cracks to provide a moist environment that will nourish the skin and facilitate the restoration process.
  13. Barefoot running - This style of running certainly has its advocates (and detractors), with the concept centered around the structural, bone, and muscular method of running.  One thing is clear if you opt for this approach to running: the skin on your feet will be screaming for help regardless of how well it helps your posture, alignment, endurance, and speed as a runner.  Rub the climbOn lotion bar generously before and after your run.  You might even want to take some with you during the run, just in case you step on something undesirable.  When your muscles and aerobic engine are pumping, the last thing you want to hold you back is a surface skin irritation.
  14. Skin irritation - Rashes, sensitive skin, and so many different skin issues can be incredibly difficult to treat.  When in doubt, try rubbing the lotion bar on the skin to provide moisturization and skin nourishment from the raw beeswax and food-grade plant oils.  Feed your skin the good stuff and you might be pleasantly surprised how it feels.
  15. Triathlon aid - The ultimate cross-training adventure sport is not without some challenges as you shift from the water to the bike to the run.  All of that water, sweat, friction, repetitive motion, and footwear-swapping can wreak havoc on the skin.  The swim will leave your skin stripped of healthy oils.  Your fingers need help for grip on the bike.  And your heels and nipples might need alleviation from friction on the run.  Use the climbOn lotion bar generously in your training, competition, and recovery routine to keep the skin strong, nourished, lubricated, and ready for the next transition as you shift into gear.
    climbOn Lotion Bar
  16. Chapped cheeks - When it's cold and the wind is bitter, those cheeks can become dry, chapped, and raw pretty quickly.  Replenish the skin with a healthy rubbing of the climbOn lotion bar for relief.
  17. Weight lifting - The fingers are rather crucial for weight lifting.  You not only need muscular strength, you also need the ability to move bars or handles across, along, and through your fingers easily.  Sometimes (e.g. kettle bell) you need some slip on those hands as well.  Try rubbing on the climbOn lotion bar before lifting if you need some slip and after lifting to rejuvenate the skin on the fingers after they've taken a beating.
  18. Chafing - Runners, hikers, cyclists, and many others experience friction-induced chafing on the skin in a variety of places: heels, fingers, toes, nipples, etc.  If you anticipate friction or chafing, or if you begin to experience it during a prolonged activity (e.g. a century ride), take a quick break to rub on the climbOn lotion bar to provide some moisturization and slip for the skin.
  19. Calluses - These need special attention to keep the skin supple and strong, but soft enough to get a solid grip.  Rub the lotion bar on your calluses regularly to nourish and replenish the skin and avoid drying out the skin where you have calluses.
  20. Flappers – Flappers are a painful and annoying skin ailment that is common among climbers and those that use their hands for strenuous grips and high friction activities.  They often occur because the skin on a callus becomes too thick relative to the skin underneath, and it tears off after a rough hold, flapping around and leaving and underlayer of skin painfully exposed.  The flapping portion of skin should be removed so that it no longer tears more skin, and the exposed skin under the flapper now needs some delicate treatment.  Skin needs proper moisturization in order to repair.  Dry skin does not mend well.  The climbOn lotion bar provides an ideal moist environment for skin since the raw beeswax and plant oils combine to provide both moisturization and a protective barrier to the outside elements.  Do not rub the lotion bar on this exposed portion of skin.  Instead, pick off a generous chunk of the lotion bar and apply it to the ailing patch of skin.  If feasible, you can then apply an adhesive bandage, gloves, or tape over the area in order to give it another protective layer as the body kicks in to healing gear.
    climbOn Mini Lotion Bar
  21. Ashy skin – A dry environment, whether indoors or outdoors, can leave your skin dehydrated, causing a frustrating condition known as ashy skin.  It can also be caused by stripping away body oils too harshly or by exposing the skin to harmful chemicals.  The climbOn lotion bar is an ideal antidote for ashy skin since it will provide moisturizing nutrients and a protective layer above the skin’s surface.  It will, in a sense, aid your body oils at tackling skin dehydration in some of the harshest conditions.  
  22. Windburn - The wind can whip away moisture pretty quickly.  Replenish the moisture on your skin by rubbing on the climbOn lotion bar.
  23. Sunburn - Skin that is damaged from the sun needs nourishment to replenish.  Raw beeswax and food-grade plant oils in the climbOn lotion bar provide important fuel for healthy skin maintenance.  Rub on the lotion bar to apply these nutrients for the skin and soothe areas of sensitivity.
  24. Blisters - Nourish the skin surrounding blisters by rubbing the climbOn lotion bar.  The bar contains essential plant oils that will help nourish and soothe the skin.
  25. Aftershave - The skin can be sensitive right after shaving.  Try rubbing on the lotion bar for a silky-smooth dose of raw beeswax and food-grade plant oils that are bound to rejuvenate the skin the way Mother Nature intended.  Quite a bit better than a chemical cocktail, wouldn’t you say?
    climbOn Lotion Bar
  26. Rough elbows - Leaning on our elbows so frequency (desk, table, armchairs, etc.) can cause a lot of friction and dry skin in the elbow area.  Try replenishing the skin by rubbing on the climbOn lotion bar.  Amazing, right?
  27. Flaky skin - Skin that is flaking needs nourishment and replenishment to preserve better skin health.  Generously rub the climbOn lotion bar to help nourish the skin in those areas.
  28. Tennis hands - Hands take a beating on the court with the heat, sweat, and grip friction from the racquet.  Rub on the climbOn lotion bar well before and then immediately after your match or practice to keep the skin strong and healthy.  It is wise to also generously apply the lotion bar in the morning and before bed in order to maintain healthy and strong skin for your next match on the court.
  29. Bald head - The skin on that bald head needs to be taken care of, too, just like your fingers, lips, and heels.  Try rubbing on the climbOn lotion bar to keep the skin healthy and strong. 
  30. Dish washer hands - Whether you wash dishes with your bare hands or use gloves, they still feel dry, parched, and in need of some love after washing and loading a bunch of dirty dishes and wiping down those countertops.  Your fingers might even look like shriveled prunes.  Rub on the climbOn lotion bar to give those parched hands the spa treatment they deserve.  After all, they just cleaned the kitchen.
    climbOn Mini Lotion Bar
  31. Blemishes - When your skin gets an unwanted blemish or zit, it's screaming for healthier treatment.  Give it some nourishment from raw beeswax and plants by rubbing on a small amount of the climbOn lotion bar.
  32. Swim skin - All that time soaking in the water and chlorine are fantastic exercise, but not exactly how the skin – our largest organ – was designed to thrive.  After emerging from the water or taking a shower, generously rub on the climbOn lotion bar to replenish the skin and maintain healthy skin nutrition.  The aromatherapy from the essential oils in the lotion bar could also help counter and reduce the pungent smell of chlorine.
  33. Football fingers - No one tells you before you put on your football pads for the first time that the part of the body that gets some of the worst treatment in the game is actually the fingers.  Whether you're a lineman with your fingers dug into the dirt (followed by your defender’s jersey and pads), a linebacker holding on for a shoestring tackle, a special teams expert tangling with oncoming defenders, or a quarterback trying to keep your fingers strong, supple, and limber for grip and performance in the elements, the skin on your fingers needs help.  Use climbOn as a key part of your post-practice, post-game, nightly, and morning routine to nourish the skin with key nutrients for strength and support.  
  34. Raw and abused skin - When your skin gets beat up, poked, pricked, scratched, abused and feels raw, sensitive, and in need of some serious attention, the climbOn lotion bar could be just what you need.  Rub on the raw beeswax and food-grade plant oils for rejuvenating nourishment and nutrients that will feed the skin.  
  35. Gymnast hands and feet - Chalk and resin might be crucial for your time on the mat, but those hands and feet are going to need some serious attention off the mat.  After training or competition, before bed, and in the morning implement a skin maintenance routine by generously rubbing the climbOn bar in areas of the fingers and feet where you experience the most abuse in order to keep the skin strong, healthy, and ready to vault you onto the podium.
    climbOn Lotion Bar
  36. Face cream – Soft, healthy skin on the face is not just for babies.  It’s for adults, too.  Use the climbOn lotion bar as part of your daily skin routine to see what the power of raw beeswax and plant essential oils can do.
  37. Foot massage – After a long day on your feet you often need to treat those toes and heels with some love.  A soothing foot massage aided by the climbOn lotion bar could be just the trick to help you snuggle into bed with relief. 
  38. Cross training – Quickly moving from one rigorous routine to another in the gym is a thrill for the adrenaline.  It can also be tough on the skin with abrupt changes and intense stress from difficult lifts, pulls, and grips.  Lean on the climbOn lotion bar as your pre-workout, post-workout, evening, and morning answer to help those hands maintain the strength and nutrition they’ll need in the gym.  Your thighs and heels might need it, too.
  39. Rough knuckles – Like elbows, the knuckles can often feel dry and even cracked, particularly in cooler weather or in dry indoor environments.  Whenever you sense those dry knuckles, pull out your climbOn lotion bar (it’s probably already in your pocket) and give those knuckles a good shine.  They’ll thank you later, probably with a fist bump.
  40. Gardener's hands – Yes, you might be wearing gloves.  But can you really call those cloth finger-covers gloves?  They certainly don’t prevent your fingers and hands from becoming covered in dirt after a session in the garden.  All of that dirt, friction, sweat, and strain is as exhausting for the skin as it is for the rest of your body.  After you wash up, give those hands a good rub with the climbOn lotion bar and see how quickly you could feel like those hands never touched the dirt.  Really.
    climbOn Lotion Bar Can
  41. Skier's face - You're probably heading down the mountain pretty fast, which means your face encounters a lot of cold, dry wind and altitude change.  Boost the skin nutrition on that beautiful face of yours with the climbOn lotion bar so that your smile is as genuine after the slopes as before.
  42. Mechanic's hands – The grease grime, sweat, and tension of the workshop make “mechanic’s hands” some of the toughest to treat and restore to their pre-work condition.  After cleaning, rub on the climbOn lotion bar to see how skin replenishment and nourishment works when you use the right combination of raw beeswax and powerful plant essential oils.
  43. Parkour hands - All of your weight constantly shifting between difficult holds and jumps can be similar to climbing, with intense pressure on the skin.  Those hands (and maybe those feet as well) could use some healthy skin nutrition to keep the skin supple and strong.  Rub on the climbOn lotion bar as part of your regular parkour skincare routine.  Heavy applications of the lotion bar in the morning and evening would be highly recommended.  
  44. Chef hands - Cutting, slicing, mixing, rinsing, shucking, stirring, washing.  Clean and able hands are a chef's or cook's most important tools in the kitchen and used in so many different ways. The skin on those hands needs healthy nutrition, nourishment, and replenishment from a long day in the kitchen to give you the right feel as you craft those recipes into perfection on a plate.  Rub on climbOn lotion bar before, during, and after a long haul in the kitchen.  Your hands and your taste testers will thank you.  Your sore feet might want some as well.
  45. Pitcher's grip – Proper, effective grip on the baseball is one of the keys to both speed and control for a pitcher.  While the ump might not be thrilled if you take a climbOn bar to the mound with you, the lotion bar should become a crucial part of your post-practice, post-game, nightly, and morning routine to replenish the skin, keep it supple and strong, and prepare for your next outing on the rubber.
    climbOn Lotion Bar
  46. Makeup remover - Rub the skin with the climbOn lotion bar to help soften the skin and prepare it for makeup removal after a long day.  Waterproof makeup can be particularly difficult to remove, but you’ll find the climbOn lotion bar particularly suited for the task.  Efficacy is what you get when you use raw beeswax and food-grade plants without any fillers, dilutors, or synthetics.  Nature – gotta love it.
  47. Kayak hands - When the water and the paddle grip combine, the skin on your hands can get abused rather quickly.  Rub on climbOn lotion bar both before and after your trek in the water to provide protection from the water and replenishment after the wet friction has done its damage.
  48. Dry scalp – Dry, flaky skin in the scalp is something that none of us want.  And it certainly doesn’t make a good first impression, at least according to 1980s television commercials.  Try rubbing the skin on your scalp with the climbOn lotion bar and feel the difference.
  49. Hockey skin - Cold air, tight grip, sweaty palms, heavy pads, rough collisions - these are not friendly conditions for healthy skin.  The climbOn lotion bar can provide crucial skin health for the hands of a hockey player, but why stop there?  The skin on the face, under the pads, and around those stiff hockey skates could use some love, too.
  50. Diaper skin – It may be a while since you recall what it felt like, but when you’re wearing diapers the skin in that area can get pretty raw and sensitive.  Yes, you may have tried plenty of creams and ointments to try to solve this problem for your young one, but have you tried the climbOn lotion bar?  Beeswax and plant oils are far preferable to the synthetic chemicals those other products contain, and you and your young one could be pleasantly shocked with the difference.  Just ask your young ones how they feel – if they can answer back.  You just might want to consider making this particular climbOn lotion bar exclusive for this use and distinctly separate from your other stash of climbOn lotion bars.  Just sayin’.
    climbOn Mini Lotion Bar Ingredients
  51. Golf hands - Even though you usually have a glove on one hand, both hands can feel pretty raw, even after just the front nine.  Rub on the climbOn lotion bar before, during, and after your time on the links to keep the skin on those hands and fingers strong, supple, and nourished.  And don't forget your heels and ankles, either, which might get some abuse from those new golf spikes you’re sporting.
  52. Ingrown toenails – These are no fun to deal with and can cause severe sensitivity in the skin as the toenail digs in with all its might.  Try moisturizing, lubricating, and soothing the skin with the climbOn lotion bar for relief.
  53. Scars – Once the healing process of a serious wound is complete, a scar can still linger for years.  And it often doesn’t feel the same as the rest of your surrounding skin.  If you feel irritation and sensitivity in one of those scars, try rubbing on the climbOn lotion bar for gentle, soothing skin nourishment and nutrition from raw beeswax and essential plant oils.  What can be better?
  54. Sore hands – They ache.  It doesn’t matter what from, they just don’t feel good.  You’ve been putting them to good use and you need some help making them feel whole again.  A nice, thorough hand massage with the climbOn lotion bar is just the treatment those sore hands need to replenish the skin and soothe that discomfort.
  55. Ninja warrior training – Yep, it’s a thing, and not just for television.  Believe it or not, your neighbors might even have a ninja training course in their basement or behind that backyard fence.  It is a craze that has ignited the imagination and aspirations of young and old.  One thing is for sure: ninja warrior training doesn’t come without severe strain and abuse to the hands.  That plywood hold you’re gripping?  Probably not so good for the hand skin…especially after you held it for that long.  After a session of training, the skin on your hands will feel like they need to be dipped in the River Styx for renewal.  While not the River Styx, the climbOn lotion bar might be the next best thing.  The raw beeswax and food-grade (for purity and efficacy) plant essential oils will spring rejuvenating nutrition back into those hands and fingers.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be ready for session as a ninja. 
    climbOn Mini Lotion Bar
  56. Splinters – You don’t always need to be a surgeon to get those splinters out.  Try moisturizing the surrounding skin with the climbOn lotion bar to help provide the right environment to eject that intruder.
  57. Baker’s hands – Gifted hands can make some of the most amazing bread, desserts, and baked goodies to scintillate the tongue.  Trouble is, all of that kneading, mixing, forming, etc. with flour-covered hands can be a little like a gymnast dealing with hand issues after an intense session with hands covered in chalk.  Those hands need help from the climbOn lotion bar, which you can easily apply before, during, and after baking whenever you need a jolt of nourishment for your skin.  The skin needs nutrients, too, you know.  Generously apply the lotion bar to your hands before baking and you’ll be impressed how well they stay moisturized after washing your hands several times.
  58. Winter glove routine – If you know those hands are going to be dry and parched after you take those winter gloves off, why not give them an enormous moisturization boost beforehand by rubbing on the climbOn lotion bar before you put on those winter gloves?  Now you can throw those snowballs and grip that steering wheel with a lot more confidence.
  59. Ring removal – We’re not saying you need to take off that ring for an extended period of time, but you might need to take it off occasionally when you’re cleaning or doing something where a metal ring might pose a danger.  If that ring hasn’t been off since the day you ate wedding cake you might have some trouble removing it from your finger.  Try rubbing your finger generously with the climbOn lotion bar, then move your finger backwards as far as comfortable while pushing the ring upward.  This is your best shot at success.  Just don’t wait too long to put it back on, if you know what we mean.
  60. Static reduction – You never feel ecstatic when static forces magnetically forge an errant piece of clothing, string, or hair to your leg or shirt.  Especially that black dress or suit.  Try rubbing your hands with the climbOn lotion bar and then lightly rubbing down wherever you are experiencing static electricity.  It works wonders for pants, shirts, skirts, hose, and more.  Even Ben Franklin would be impressed.
    climbOn Mini Lotion Bar on arm
  61. Hair anti-frizz control – It could be the humidity, static, or simply a bad hair day.  If you need a little extra control in the hair when it stands on end, try rubbing your hands liberally with the climbOn lotion bar and then gently applying your hands to and through your hair.  A little lotion bar can help a lot in this needed form of air traffic control.
  62. Sticky removal – Sometimes that glue stick, syrup, tape, wax, or adhesive leaves a lingering sticky feeling on our skin.  No fun.  Just rub on the climbOn lotion bar to help loosen the sticky invader and get back to normal.  You might want to apply water and wash as well, but use the lotion bar first.  Now there’s a plan that will stick.
  63. Gum in your hair – You’ve probably either seen it or experienced it, and it can be one of those terrorizing incidents for a child that wasn’t quite careful enough with their bubblegum.  Generously rub the climbOn lotion bar into the hair where the gum is stuck and help weaken its grasp.  Let’s hope you can use this tip to avoid the dreaded scissors.
  64. Itchy skin – When your skin is itching for relief it’s important to turn to a source of skin nutrition.  After all, your skin might be hungry.  Raw beeswax and plant oils can satisfy a ravenous skin appetite and provide needed replenishment and nourishment when there is sensitivity, irritation, and itchiness that you would much rather avoid.
  65. Split ends – If you need an extra hand dealing with undesirable split ends before your next trip to the salon for a trim, apply some climbOn lotion bar onto the hair to help those ends stick together.  While it won’t heal them, it will provide temporary relief until you get to trained hands with scissors for a longer fix.
    climbOn Mini Lotion Bar
  66. Face mask – No, not the kind you’ll use at Halloween.  This is the kind to treat the skin on your face with a special spa treatment.  Many face mask formulations dry out the skin.  Try this method with the climbOn lotion bar: generously rub several layers of lotion bar onto the face.  Wait for 15 minutes and then remove with a warm, wet washcloth.  The difference in moisturization will pleasantly surprise you.
  67. Exfoliating assistant – A lot of skin exfoliating materials are harsh on the skin.  Try rubbing the climbOn lotion bar on your skin first, then applying your exfoliator to your protected skin.  The exfoliator can still do it’s job, but without the harsh effects of hitting dry skin.
  68. Shaving – When you run out of shaving cream, try a generous rub of the climbOn lotion bar to smooth, soothe, and moisturize the skin in preparation for the razor.  You might be shocked how gentle and soothing it feels.
  69. Cradle cap – Your little one might experience flaky skin on the head.  This is quite a common occurrence and can be aided by some nourishing beeswax and plant oils from the climbOn lotion bar.  Gently rub onto the head to provide a nutrient-dense, moist environment for the skin to replenish.
  70. Massage lotion – Self-myofascial release can lend tremendous support to the muscular and lymph systems when recovering from rigorous physical activity.  Commonly applied through hand massage, roller massage balls, and foam rollers, it can be aided by applying the climbOn lotion bar to the skin for a smoother glide along the skin.  The pressure from the massage motion also helps the lotion penetrate the skin for quicker absorption. 
    climbOn Lotion Bar Original Can
  71. Hair Conditioner – In a quick pinch, while traveling, or even as a way to change up your routine, you can use the climbOn lotion bar as a hair conditioner.  Whether in the shower or after the shower, moisten your hands with water and generously rub on the climbOn lotion bar onto your hands.  Then gently move your hands through your hair to apply a small portion of the lotion into your hair.  For short hair you could also try gently rubbing the bar through your hair.  Just remember: if you don’t look good, we don’t look good.
  72. Hair Mask – Similar to a hair conditioner, but used as a pre-shampoo moisturizer rather than a post-shampoo moisturizer, a hair mask can help restore vibrancy to flaky, dry, parched, dull, fading, frizzy, or damaged hair.  Try this method for a quick and easy homemade hair mask solution: before your shower, wet your hands and generously apply the climbOn lotion bar to your hands.  Weave your hands through your hair to apply the lotion evenly.  For a thicker mask rub the lotion bar directly through your hair.  Let this hair mask sit for 20-30 minutes and then take your shower and shampoo the hair mask out.  Wow – what a difference. 
  73. Knee caps – Here is an area of the skin that is often leathery, dry, and harshly treated with all of our varied leg movements and kneeling, especially for someone penitent like Indiana Jones.  A great evening and morning routine includes rubbing the climbOn lotion bar all over the skin on your kneecaps.  This is the solution you’ve been praying for.
  74. Aromatherapy – Sometimes all you need is a little zest of actual, pure, and true essential oils to breathe life into the soul.  We’re not talking about fake synthetic fragrances here, but authentic essential oils directly from plants.  The climbOn lotion bar is full of those essential oils: apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, wheat germ oil, lemon peel oil, neroli flower oil, lavender flower oil, and ylang-ylang flower oil.  If you need a boost of peace, try rubbing the climbOn lotion bar on your temples, under your ears, and on your neck for a soothing dose of therapeutic aromatherapy. 
  75. Baby bath hands – When you bathe your little one, your hands are submerged in water for quite a while.  Similar to washing dishes, your fingers might look like dried prunes after helping your baby in the bathtub.  Try applying a thick layer of the climbOn lotion bar on your hands before the bath in order to provide a base protective layer of moisturization, and then apply a normal, thin layer after the bath to restore moisturization to the skin.
    climbOn RIDICULOUS! Lotion Bar
  76. Hair styling gel – Sometimes you just need a light-hold for hair styling but don’t want to suffocate in the chemicals of hair spray or deal with a stiff, high-maintenance hair gel.  If you simply need a gentle styling guide, try the climbOn lotion bar.  Rub it lightly directly on your hair or rub it to your hands and weave them through your hair for a light-hold.
  77. Musician fingers – The violin, guitar, mandolin, flute, and much more: musicians’ fingers take a real beating (maybe more than their parents’ ears?).  The climbOn lotion bar is an ideal way to soothe those aching fingers after a gig, concert, or practice.  You’ll probably want to implement the bar into a finger skincare routine, too, applying generously before bed and in the morning to keep your skin health performance-ready.
  78. Medical hands – Not only do doctors, nurses, and front-line medical practitioners perform literal miracles with their hands, they often do so at the expense of their own skin health, frequently washing away skin oils and exposing their skin to harsh sanitation chemicals to eliminate contamination risk.  What better way to restore moisturization and skin health to those healing hands than with the climbOn lotion bar?  We think it’s a prescription they’re hands will find miraculous, too.
  79. Tattoo skin soothing – It looks good, right?  But how does your skin feel after getting that brand new tattoo?  It could probably use some replenishment and nutrition from the climbOn lotion bar.  Gently rub it over and around your tattooed area for soothing relief and to maintain the health of your skin.
  80. Boxing knuckles – Hours upon hours of blunt force to the knuckles, with our without gloves, is one way for sure to abuse the thin skin separating air from your knuckle bones.  And trust us, if air actually does hit those knuckle bones, you likely aren’t winning your match.  Use the climbOn lotion bar for an intense moisturization routine: after boxing, before bed, and after you wake up.  The next time you enter the ring, they won’t even know what hit them.
    climbOn Mini Lotion Bar Tube
  81. Fishing fingers – Wet, cold, fumbling for lures and hooks, wrestling your latest catch – fishing is not friendly to the skin on your fingers.  By generously rubbing on a layer of the climbOn lotion bar before and after fishing, your fingers are bound to hold up far better.
  82. Card game fingers – Whether it’s canasta, cribbage, Catan, Uno, poker, pinochle, or Pandemic, card games and board games are fun.  But does that mean they’re always fun for your fingers?  No.  The longer the game drags on, the more your fingers are going to be asking for a spruce of moisturization and attention to avoid dry skin.  We’re not saying it will help your game, but we’re not saying it won’t. 
  83. Blacksmithing – Swinging those tools and holding those grips is quite intense, and while it can bulk up your hand muscles, what you don’t want it to do is wear down the skin on your hands and cause irritation, chafing, blisters, or soreness.  Apply a generous dose of the climbOn lotion bar to those meat hooks both before and after your time in the garage, as well as before bed and in the morning.  A proper skincare routine will keep that hand skin in top shape and ready for a pounding.
  84. Plumbing – Whether you’re a professional plumber or simply unclogging that drain in the bathroom sink (you know the one), plumbing is not a glamour show for the hands.  In other words, it can be quite messy.  Apply a generous rubbing of the climbOn lotion bar on those plumbing hands both before and after the dirty work and you’ll be very, very glad you did.  They will feel better, look better, and clean up better. 
  85. Cashier hands – You never realize how moisture-sucking currency can be until you handle hundreds or thousands of bills in a day.  While it might feel good and fun to handle that much cash, it’s also a little stressful and intensely dehydrating for your skin.  Keep a climbOn lotion bar in your pocket to use whenever you need a shot of moisturization to go finish your shift.
  86. Paint removal – It can be fun and fulfilling to paint your own walls, furniture, or masterpiece portrait, but what is not fun is removing the residue paint from your fingers, arms, face, and everywhere else.  While paint types differ, the moisturization and lubrication from the plant oils and beeswax in the climbOn lotion bar are the perfect aid for your paint removal routine on the skin when the day is done.
    climbOn Bar Snow

    While lotion is primarily for the skin, it’s surprising how many non-skin issues can also be solved with the climbOn lotion bar.  Check these out:
  87. Baseball glove – Leather baseball gloves are just like skin in that they need some moisturization (but not water!) in order to retain their vitality for seasons to come.  Conditioning is also a key tool for breaking in a new glove.  Try rubbing on a light amount of the climbOn lotion bar to massage into your glove.
  88. Cycling tire lube – Installing a new tube in your bike tire gets easier with time, but it can still be a challenge.  Getting that wheel to pop over the rim is a refreshing accomplishment.  When the wheel is stubborn and needs some extra lubrication to cooperate, try rubbing a little lotion bar on the tire and the rim to get that wheel where it needs to go, and then the wheel will get you where you need to go.
  89. Doggie pads – We may watch in awe as our our dogs run and leap, but we may not always see a part of them that is aching for relief: the pads on the bottom of their feet.  Particularly when exposed to rough terrain, hot weather, ice, or wet environments, these foot pads can beg for nourishment not unlike our own skin.  Rub on the climbOn lotion bar to provide replenishment, relief, and nutrient-dense nourishment for beloved canine.
    climbOn Lotion Bar with Dog Paws
  90. Knife protector – That blade on your knife is beautiful and sharp, but it needs protection of both the blade and the metal material.  Rubbing on some climbOn lotion bar every few months, and then carefully wiping it clean with a towel will help give it some protection.
  91. Shoe polish – You’re just about to head out of the house and noticed your shoes look like they were handed down a couple generations ago even though you bought them last season.  Just a quick shine could make them look good-as-new, but who has the time to pull out the shoe shining kit when you’re headed out the door?  For a quick fix, try rubbing on the climbOn lotion bar to provide a quick shine.  Works great for leather shoes and even high heels that might be dull, tarnished, or marked up.
  92. Scissor restoration – It’s pretty easy for a pair of scissors to lose the zest of their original, crisp sharpness.  Try rubbing the climbOn lotion bar onto the blade, then wiping it off with a paper towel.  This will often help the blades on a pair of scissors capture some of their old glory.
  93. Leather gloves – Those leather work gloves sitting in your dry garage or those driving gloves you use in the winter both need a spark of moisturization to help prolong the life of the leather.  Try rubbing on the climbOn lotion bar to breathe in some new life.
  94. Zipper fix – You know who we’re talking about here – the stubborn zipper you’re having trouble zipping up that you feel like tearing out in your wrath.  Never fear: try rubbing on some of the climbOn lotion bar to lubricate the zipper and help it zip along, up and down.  It just might be the TLC your zipper needs to work more seamlessly.
  95. Car seat shine – Leather car seats, and even some of the newer leather-style car seat materials, emanate a feeling of comfort, luxury, and confidence while you drive down the road.  But that material needs some love to keep its vitality, and proper moisturization is key.  Try rubbing on the climbOn lotion bar to restore some of that luster that was there the day you bought it.
  96. Carpentry lubricator – Sometimes your nails, screws, and even your saw blades need a little dose of lubrication to do the job.  No need to buy a special lubricator that will only collect dust most of the time in the garage.  Use the climbOn lotion bar, which you probably have in your pocket already. 
    climbOn Mini Lotion Tube Cedar
  97. Sticker removal – Don’t you hate it when that sticker doesn’t fully come off that brand new product you just bought?  No sweat – try rubbing on some of the climbOn lotion bar to provide the right lubrication to make that sticker removal chore a breeze. 
  98. Leather couch – When was the last time you conditioned the leather on your couch, for real?  Ever?  You might even already have some trouble spots from spilling your soda or food from your last gameday party.  It’s time to give that leather some love.  Try rubbing on some of the climbOn lotion bar for a fresh layer of moisturizing, protecting shine from beeswax and plant oils.
  99. Door hinge lubricator – That creaking door gives you the chills.  It shouldn’t.  Try rubbing the climbOn lotion bar on the hinges, wiping it down with a towel, and opening and closing the door several times to work in the lotion.  The beeswax and plant oils should work like tiny ball bearings to ease the pain that both the hinge and your ears are going through.
  100. Garden hose lubricator – When that metal combines with water, rust or mineral build-up can eventually develop if you’re not careful.  Rub some climbOn lotion bar on the metal hose nipple and help provide some needed lubrication that will come in handy the next time you take off that hose.

And many, many more...


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