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Dog licking lotion bar

Mother Nature's skincare solution of food-grade, undiluted plants and beeswax is not only fabulous for humans, it's also a great way to treat your pet.  Our Pet & Paw Bundle is an ideal assortment of climbOn products for dogs and horses and can also be used on a wide range of other pets with similar skin, nose, feet, and elbow issues caused by the harsh outdoors.

We use food-grade ingredients for two key reasons:

  1. Food-grade ingredients simply work better because they are more pure and powerful than cheaper cosmetic-grade ingredients.
  2. With pets, just about anything can be eaten if gets near the mouth at the right moment...  So you can have a lot more confidence and assurance that the product is safe to use with your pet when you use food-grade ingredients that will be harmless if incidentally ingested.


Bundle and Save when you choose this Pet & Paw Bundle with the following products:


climbOn® Lotion Bar Original 2oz
Rub this solid lotion bar on paw pads regularly to help keep them "supple," which is an ideal combination of both soft and strong.  That's what dogs need to withstand all-season abuse on icy sidewalks, hot roads, rocky trails, and sandy beaches.  It also helps them grip tile and hardwood floors to prevent slipping.  There's no need to use bulky, awkward dog boots.  Simply protect and maintain supple paws with this solid lotion bar.  Rub it on the paw pads as well as in between the paw pads.  It can also be used on pet skin and even horse hooves wherever you find cracks or deterioration.  It can also be incredibly effective on noses, although you might find the 0.5oz bar below easier to use for smaller areas like the nose. 

climbOn® Lotion Bar Cedar 0.5oz
This smaller size of the Lotion Bar is great for on-the-go travel since it easily fits in a pocket or pack.  It is also an easier size than the larger bar to use on your dog's nose or dry elbows.  Or you might decide to use one size of lotion bar for your pet and the other bar for your own skin!  See the video below for how Lisa used the climbOn Lotion Bar to solve nasal hyperkeratosis on her dog Pi's nose.  Simply rub a small amount of the bar over the nose or elbows and pack pieces of the bar into cracked areas of skin and let Mother Nature do her thing.  The climbOn Lotion Bar also provides calming aromatherapy (for both pets and humans) from therapeutic-grade essential oils.



climbOn® Lotion Creme 8oz
Larger and more sensitive areas are best treated with a thinner product.  This liquid lotion in a convenient countertop 8 oz pump bottle is a liquid version of the climbOn Lotion Bar, also made of 100% plants + beeswax with absolutely no synthetics or fillers.  It doesn't even include water, which is usually over 60% of ordinary lotions.  Because of its concentrated ingredients, a little goes a long way.  You can spread this lotion over dry skin, scars, and even use a small amount as a massage cream.  And while you're using it for your pet, you'll definitely want to use it for your skin as well!  Because it is concentrated, this 8 oz bottle lasts as long as a 50 oz bottle of ordinary lotion.  Plus it works a whole lot better.



See how Lisa used the climbOn Lotion Bar to solve cracks on Pi's nose: