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What we do

We are proud to have distributors in 37 countries (and counting) in this amazing world.

If you are visiting our site from a country other than the USA, please feel free to go to our WHERE TO BUY page and find a distributor close to you. We are honored to manufacture and sell, what we think is, the highest quality of skin care and skin repair available on the market today.

  • We are a woman-owned company with ateam of less than 10 men and women, located near Austin, Texas.
  • We are one of the few 100% pure ingredient skin care lines available.  What does this mean?
  • We use food grade quality of base ingredients instead of cosmetic grade. 
  • You will find NO synthetic ingredients in the products we manufacture. Instead of saying "naturally derived" beside an ingredient, we would actually put that truly natural ingredient in our products. Not have it manufactured in a lab and then call it natural.
  • You will NOT find any "fragrance" or artificial coloring in our products.
  • We use therapeutic grade essential oils for their aromatherapeutic properties as well as for their physical properties.
  • NO phthalates, NO petroleum by-products, NO mineral oil
  • NO genetically modified base ingredients.
  • NO ingredient we use in our formulations or our end products are tested on animals. Our products can actually be used on our furry, feathered or scaly friends to help them with their issues!
  • Every product we formulate from our Bug Drug to climbOn Creme, etc is made to be safe for Adults, Children, Babies, Animals and our planet!

Feel free to venture into our site. You will find your favorite "old" products as well as some wonderful new ones. The favorite Bast line is now called SKINourish SPA. The packaging has been updated and the product line expanded.

We hope you enjoy your visit and continue to spread the word.