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Team SKINourishment

Team SKINourishment is a mix of different spectacular people ranging from pro cyclists to teachers. All passionate about their work, life and dedicated to spreading the word about SKINourishment and the food grade cool products we offer.

  • Tommy Caldwell - Pro Climber
  • John Myrick - Coach, Climber
  • Beth Rodden - Pro Climber
  • Jonathan Siegrist - Pro Climber
  • Julian Monroe Fisher - Explorer, Anthropologist
  • Amanda Allen - Professional cross-training athlete, personal trainer, teacher
  • Brooke Raboutou - Climber, Team U.S.A.
  • Fabian Buhl - Pro Climber
  • Andrew Willis - Cyclist/Endurance Racer
  • Cesar Valencia - Climber
  • Molly Mitchell - Climber
  • Tim Mueller - Alpine & Trad Climber, Skier, Trail runner
  • Heather Weidner - Climber, Vet
  • Jude Howe - CrossFit
  • Rosin Fitzpatrick - Climber
  • Carolina Maragano - Climber
  • Alison Banwell - Climber & glaciologist
  • Anže Peharc - Climber

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Beth RoddenBeth Rodden on Meltdown, Photo by Corey Rich ©
Beth Rodden

Sport: Professional rock climber and mountaineer

I started climbing at the local climbing gym when I was 14. I was hooked instantly. My parents could hardly get me home for any reason. I poured myself into climbing and competitions for the next four years, until I got the itch to be in the mountains. Then I fell in love with rock climbing and the outdoors and haven't been able to pull myself away since. I am very fortunate to be able to climb and pursue my passion full time. I get to climb mostly with my best friend and husband, Tommy Caldwell, which is incredible.

Before I started using the Climb On!® Bar, I had terrible skin. My skin would always give out before my muscles and I would have to stop climbing. When I received the Bar as a gift I was able to double my time on the rock! Now my muscles give out all the time when my skin could still take a beating. This stuff really works, it's amazing.

Climb On!® Creme helps me when I have gobies all over my hands from the crack climbing in Yosemite. Is spreads on easily and heals and protects the wounds and allows much more climbing time! Always a good thing!

Tommy CaldwellTommy Caldwell needs climb on! Photo by Corey Rich ©
Tommy Caldwell

Sport: Professional rock climber and mountaineer

I spend my life in search of adventure and experience through rock climbing. As the son of a mountain guide and husband to professional climber I have always lived in the mountains and at the crags. I love the challenges of sport climbing and bouldering but find my biggest inspiration in free climbing on big walls. To me, climbing is all consuming and lifelong. I am blessed to be able to share this life with my wife Beth Rodden.

Up on the walls where the sun blazes and the wind blows I fight a constant battle to keep my skin healthy. Climb On! Products accompany me on all my travels--everywhere from the boulders of south Africa, to the face of Yosemite's El Cap, to the top of Fitzroy in Argentinean Patagonia.

Climb On! is as critical to my success as any tool in my pack.
Jeline Guiles
Jeline Guiles

Coming Soon!
Lorin PaleyLorin Paley on the Podium
Lorin PaleyLorin Paley racing in Europe
Lorin Paley, 16 yrs., US National Telemark Team

Lorin Paley is a 16-year-old junior at Steamboat Springs High School in the ski paradise Colorado. She began her journey into the world of skiing at the tender age of three years old in the little ski area of Hidden Valley, New Jersey. She was enrolled in their "Skiwee" program and by the end of the season, she was hooked.

Today, Lorin is a 4.0 student taking four AP courses. She also enjoys tennis, hunting, woodworking, swimming and playing her bass guitar. She has some terrific goals for her skiing as well as her education. For Lorin, the sky is the limit!

Lorin is a member of the US National Telemark A Team and trains with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.

Here are a few highlights:
  • Telemark Junior World Champion in Classic and Sprint Classic, Kreischberg, Austria. First US woman on podium at World Championships.
  • Gold Medals Classic and Giant Slalom at US Telemark National Championship, Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
  • Lorin is in her Junior year at the Steamboat Springs High School, carries four AP classes, and has a 4.3 GPA. Her other interests include competitive swimming and tennis.
  • In 2006 Lorin broke onto the National scene with a second place at Telemark Nationals in Montana. Later that year she was added as the youngest member on the US Telemark Development Team. Goals for next season include World Cup Podium and US National Title.

Lorin especially likes the Climb On!® Creme to keep her skin deeply moisturized in the extreme weather conditions she faces in her sports. Her new favorite is our SPF 30 Mineral Sunblock. "By the way I am loving the SPF 30 Mineral Sunblock by Climb On!® I am using it every day and I am definitely out in the sun all afternoon playing and teaching tennis. I also wanted to mention that I love that it does not smell like your typical sun block. I love it!"
Harald Röker
Harald Röker, 36, on Pangissimo, 8b (V13)
Harald Röker
Hary on Monsterball 8a+ (V12)
Harald Röker, 36

Hary was born in Waiblingen, Germany but grew up in Schorndorf, Germany. Hary now resides in Immenstadt, Germany. Hary started climbing very early on and is now one of the strongest climbers in Germany and the world. Hary is the author of several premier climbing guide books in Germany and is our exclusive distributor of Climb On!® Products in Germany.

Hary has this to say about Climb On!®:

"This year I 'created' a new bouldering-region in the Allgaeu in the south west of Germany where I live. With the help of my brother, Uli, I cleaned and climbed more than 500 new boulder problems in 15 areas in the grades Fb 2 up to Fb 8b/b+. And all that in only three months. This would not have been possible without the help of Climb On!®

Cremes/Bars which I got from my British friend Ian from Beta Climbing Designs. I brushed complete walls and boulders, covered with humid moss and lichen. The hands have been exposed to extreme humidity, chalk, liquid chalk... I got cuts and everything you can imagine when you brush and climb 500 new problems with a wire brush (I think I misused four wire brushes!!!). Thanks to Climb On!® I could climb and work on the new boulders almost everyday, which would not have been possible otherwise."

We say, "Hary, YOU ROCK!" and thanks for all your hard work!
John Myrick
Myrick pulls hard in Austin, Texas. Photo by Merrick Ales
John Myrick

  • Birthday — 12/4/73
  • Hometown — Albuquerque, New Mexico (Austin, Texas last 10 years)
  • Started Climbing in 1980 at age seven
  • I love every type of climbing
  • Favorite area — Anywhere I haven't been yet
  • Favorite Color — Navy Blue
  • Hardest Redpoint — 13b
  • Hardest Boulder Problem — V10
  • Sponsors: Clif Bar, Climb On!®, Mad Rock, Metolius
  • Favorite product: Climb On!® Creme
  • Things I love besides climbing:
    • My family
    • My dog
    • My friends
I became addicted to climbing at an early age. When I was seven my older cousin, who was 10, and I would scamper up anything we could get our grubby little hands on. Trees, buildings, poles, fences, rocks, anything would do. The best terrain was the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. From my cousin's house we could ride our bikes to some great boulders. One day we were scrambling around on some rocks doing our little circuit and ran into some old guys, top roping. It turned out we were at an established bouldering and top roping area. The old dudes were quick to complement us on our skills but also warned that we needed to learn more about what we were doing so that we didn't get hurt. They recommended that we check out some of the local mountain shops in town and get some books on rock climbing and mountaineering. We did just that. As it turned out one of the shops was near my house and pretty much right on my way home from school. The store was called Buffalo Traders, the sister store to the Wilderness Center. Mike Hill, the Author of "The Hiker and Climbers Guide to The Sandias", owned the stores. Well, once I found the store I found myself there just about every day after school, reading all the books and ogling all the gear and pestering the staff. Eventually the folks at the shop took me under their wing and showed me the ropes, literally! Thanks to folks like David Benyak and Jill Winchell, I became a rock climber. By the time I was 10 I knew all the knots, I could safely set up top rope anchors and rappels and I could climb some pretty hard stuff.

After 27 years Climbing has become a very important facet of my life but it is only one of the many. It is a reflection of how I pursue everything else in my life. Everything in life, passion, commitment, honesty, integrity, straightforwardness, confidence, humility, discipline, and love all have to be put into everything we do. Whether it's family, friendships, work, sport or whatever, you get out of it what you put into it. This basic philosophy is what I try and live by. I feel like I get a little bit better at it every day.

Over the years I have done a veritable plethora of things to make a living. All of it has been about more than just having a job to make money. While I was a Search and Rescue Swimmer in the Navy I learned a lot about motivation, hard work and how to deal with very stressful situations. As a specialty coffee roaster I learned all the nuances of creating a yummy food product but more importantly I was able to participate in the process of Fair Trade. As a carpenter and general construction worker I learned how to make something substantial with my own hands and see large sometimes overwhelming projects through to the end.

Now when I am not personally climbing I am a climbing coach. Coaching is always something I have wanted to do. I love teaching and I also love working to further the sport of climbing in a positive direction. Since 2003 I have been a member of the USA Climbing National Coaches' Committee, a member of the USAC Rules Committee and the USAC Speed Climbing Committee. I have coached at two Youth World Championships, five National Championships and countless Divisional Championships, Regional Championships and local competitions. I compete at many of these events as well. Besides competition climbing I have also been involved with access and stewardship efforts in the Central Texas area for about ten years. Climbing has given me so much. I do what I can to give back.

I sincerely love every facet of climbing. Whether it's in remote mountain areas putting up first ascents, sport climbing, bouldering, climbing the splitter cracks at Enchanted Rock or cranking in the gym, it is all wonderful. I look forward to many more years of climbing, coaching and advocacy work. With the help of awesome people like the folks at Climb On!® it has been possible for me to make my goals a reality.

Climb On!® Really Does Rock

My fingertips, especially, thank you.
— John Myrick
Chris Werth
Chris Werth, Photo by Jack Kunnen
Chris Werth

Climb On!® Products have helped me with my racing in more ways than one. The Creme is the Cats meow when it comes to allowing me to sit in the saddle for all those hours.

Name: Chris Werth
Age: 40, Born and raised just north of Detroit, Michigan
Sport: Single speed mountain bike in endurance races that last anywhere from 6 to 24 hours

I like to see how far I can take my body and continue to go until I can go no more. I have been doing races like this for 3 years with the support of my wonderful wife and 2 awesome children. This type of racing really makes a person dig deep inside to push through the pain and continue on. I tell people it is 90% mental and 10% physical. Without the support I have there are many times I would have given up and thrown in the towel. But to dig deep and finish strong drives me.

I have always loved riding my bike and racing. This sport gives me an opportunity to do both. Some people think I'm nuts for riding a bike with one gear for those long hours. Again, it is the challenge of knowing there is no crutch to shift to an easy gear.

I feel I have been fortunate to be able to pass my passion on to the others in my family. This year I was able to compete with my 11 year old son in our first 6 hour race as a father and son team. And both my wife and daughter race bikes as well!
Gunnar Peterson
Gunnar Peterson, personal trainer
Gunnar Peterson

Endorsement by Gunnar Peterson, personal trainer to Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Sylvester Stallone and more:

"Being functional and being versatile are two keys in my job. Climb On!® is both and without it I wouldn't be my best." —Gunnar Peterson, CSCS