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Our Mission

Our mission is to create 100% bio-based products to improve the quality of our lives, our animals and our planet. 

  • We use real ingredients to make real products for real people.
  • To provide far superior alternatives to synthetic and pseudo-natural skin care in the current cosmetic/skin care scene.
  • To be a leader in the purity and out of the box thinking with multipurpose body crèmes, face lotions, etc. One product can aid with a multitude of issues. Our products are economical, multipurpose, and ecological. They are about making money with integrity by providing true ingredients and products that make a positive difference in lives of people who use them. 
  • To provide education for those who are open to hearing how important our skin as a living organism is to our health.
  • To educate everyone about the difference between synthetic ingredients, natural ingredients and what we call pseudo-natural ingredients.
  • To teach people that simplicity is the best for your body
  • To educate people how your body will heal itself when given the proper nutrition inside and outside.
  • To help people understand the difference between a truly pure or natural product and the marketing terms used to fool you into believing a product is “100% natural, 
  • To continue to be the leader in the field of educating people on freeing their bodies from synthetic chemicals in their life.

AND we do this every day with a smile of gratitude. Thank you for helping us continue our mission.