Rated 4.8 out of 5
    Based on 74 reviews
    from: $19.95

    These unique 100% plant ingredients provide both stimulation and moisturization for a powerful combination of skin nourishment.

  • RIDICULOUS! Lotion Bar
    Rated 4.6 out of 5
    Based on 19 reviews
    from: $14.95

    RIDICULOUS! now comes in a lotion bar, designed to bring you soothing, therapeutic relief

  • Bar & Creme Lotion Pack
    $44.85 $39.95

    Our best selling solid and liquid lotions, now in a canister that is 100% compostable.

  • Lip Balm
    from: $8.00

    Dry, chapped, cracked lips are all-too-common among outdoor athletes.

  • Lotion Bar (1oz Can)

    The classic and revolutionary ClimbOn bar, formulated in 1996 with nothing but plants and beeswax.

  • Lotion Bar
    from: $7.95

    The classic ClimbOn lotion bar, now in an easy-to-use paper tube that is 100% compostable.

  • Lotion Crème
    from: $14.95

    The All-Purpose Crème is a rich and highly concentrated skin cream made of 100% plants + beeswax and nothing else


Made of 100% plants
and raw beeswax


Never diluted with water
or cheap fillers


Contains NO synthetic
chemicals or artificial


Packaged in fully compostable
tubes, plant-fiber bottles, and


#1: Cleaner Ingredients

What you put on your skin is absorbed into your body. We use only the highest quality ingredients from nature, including organic essential oils, real plant oils and plant butters, and raw beeswax. We never use synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, or fillers.

#2: Better Performance

ClimbOn products are rated 4.8 stars by over 1,500 customers. Our lotions and balms nourish and restore moisture to cracked and damaged skin. They hold up in harsh conditions and activities.

#3: More Sustainable

When you care, you do things differently. For us, that includes packagacking our products in eco-friendly alternatives such as compostable tubes, plant-fiber bottles, and reusable & recyclable aluminum.

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