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Climber's Skincare Kit

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Climbing, whether on the rock or indoors, can cause some of the worst damage to the skin on your hands.  Tiny holds sustaining your body weight can sometimes feel like razor blades on your fingers and hands.  It's no wonder that ClimbOn has been immensely popular with both professional and recreational climbers since we began.  Bundle and save 20% when you choose this skincare kit, which includes some of our best products for climbers:

ClimbOn® Lotion Bar Original 2oz Tube
This easy-to-carry lotion bar in a compostable tube is ideal for applying to cracked, scraped, or damaged hands that need fast skin nutrition to kickstart your skin recovery.  It is also ideal for maintaining healthy skin on your calluses.  It fits easily into your pocket or pack and is packaged in a sturdy tube built for the rough outdoors.  Apply this lotion bar very generously to your fingers, hands, and skin after a heavy day of climbing.  Pack in dense chunks of this bar into skin cracks.

ClimbOn® Lip Tube
Whether you're out on the rock or in the climbing gym, your lips are bound to need a healthy dose of moisturization and skin maintenance.  This lip tube is packaged in a sturdy, compostable tube and has a wide coverage area and includes twice as much lip balm (0.3oz vs. 0.15oz) as standard lip balm containers. 

ClimbOn® RIDICULOUS! Paste
Rub this 100% plant paste into your skin to stimulate and kickstart your skin recovery.  This is a versatile paste that can be used either for treating abused hands after climbing or for large body areas that need relief from tension and discomfort.  The RIDICULOUS! line was formulated specifically for climbOn ambassador Tommy Caldwell during his epic Dawn Wall climb.  It is one of his favorite products.

ClimbOn® Hand Spray
Climbing on rocks or indoors exposes your skin to a lot of external elements.  Keep those hands clean with this 100% plant Hand Spray made of 70% alcohol, aloe vera, MCT oil, and plant essential oils (lemon and clove).

Nail Clippers
After climbing you often need to cut away loose skin on your fingers before applying your skin maintenance regimen.  Use these nail clippers to cut away dead or loose skin.

Skin File
This multi-grit skin file is perfect for carrying in your pocket or pack and smoothing some of the rough patches of skin on your fingers and hands.