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Clean Hands Kit

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Everybody is trying to keep their hands clean, especially in these times.  But so many hand cleaning products soak your skin in synthetic chemicals and leave your hands dry, parched, and stripped of nutrients.  Bundle and save 20% when you choose this skincare kit, which includes some of our best products for easily keeping your hands clean and safe:

2 tubes ofclimbOn® Lotion Bar Original 0.5oz Tube
This revolutionary Lotion Bar keeps skin moisturized and nourished after washing your hands, and it stores easily in your pocket in its compostable paper tube.

2 bottles ofclimbOn® Face & Hand Soap
Finally a soap made of 100% plants that is not diluted with water!  This concentrated soap combines powerful cleaning efficacy with intense moisturization - perfect for your hands, face, body, and even the dishes.

2 bottles ofclimbOn® Hand Spray
Keep your hands clean and safe with this 100% plant hand spray.  Perfect for on-the-go hand cleaning.  And in its spray format you can even use it on surfaces, devices, and equipment.